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Today I am grateful for:

My feet on the ground. When life hits me so hard it takes my breath away, I am not sure of many things. One thing I can always count on though, is how my feet feel in my shoes while they are touching the ground.

A friendly, smiling face in a sea of strangers.

Long, warm hugs.

The feel of cold rain against my face.





Today I am grateful for:

Wrestles with Adder.

Sing-a-longs (sometimes scream-a-longs) and car jams.

Self care. There’s nothing like a mani or pedi to help this gal feel back on track.

Reading other people’s musings. The few blogs that I follow inspire me to keep writing and writing and writing until I have nothing left to say or I am able to work it out.

Watching other people who love each other interact. Especially when two people are flirting, being playful with and enjoying each other. Always brings a smile to my face.

People carrying bouquets of flowers. I’m not a huge fan of purchasing cut flowers (unless it supports something like this: However, imagining what the other person’s face will be like when they receive this gift completely warms my heart.


Cupcakes from my favorite bakery in DelCo. Also, being able to share these cupcakes with my amazing work partner, T.

Mindless activities when I need to think. Things like: Doing the dishes, baking or jogging. And at the end of these activities? A sense of accomplishment. Gotta love that.

I am grateful for:

Challenges that cause me to struggle and in turn cause understanding and growth.

Having more than enough love to give and also receive.

A good night’s sleep in my warm apartment on my comfortable bed.

Great big salads that my Dad would be proud of. Everything that looks delicious thrown into a bowl and mindfully eaten.

Walks in the city while listening to my iPod. Especially when everything around me appears to be moving to the beat of the music I’m listening to.

I am grateful for:

fun filled weekends

taking chances

sending and receiving love in the mail (care packages and cards)

good company in snowstorms

delicious meals cooked in the crockpot


This morning I am grateful and appreciative of so many things.

I am grateful for:

The smell and sound of coffee brewing in my kitchen. The anticipation of sipping the first sip of coffee may be one of the only things that lures me out of bed in the morning.

Morning walks with Adder- she always has an extra spring in her step. I love watching her come into her own as she settles into this new life. Her eyes are extra bright and shiny as she curiously explores our neighborhood.

COLD! Breathing in the cold winter air, I sent a wish into the universe for snow (because if I’m not mistaken, the air smells slightly of snow!).

The nutty smell of oatmeal cooking on the stove.

Finding a parking space RIGHT AWAY.

Spending time with friends who make me laugh so hard that tears stream down my face.

Coming to terms with the fact that I will never fold my clothes or put them away. They will forever live in a pile on my favorite green chair, waiting to be pushed onto the floor when I feel like curling up into a ball to read.  I’m definitely okay with this. (sorry, Mom).

My new Kindle. What a fantastic device. It has incited in me a thirst for reading that has been lying dormant for a long while.

A sense of wonder and delight. I can’t put my finger on where it comes from or why, but I love when it does. Whenever I feel this way, I get the sense that amazing things are just ahead.

I am grateful for:

Dinners with good friends filled with laughter and big smiles.

Waking up without an alarm in the middle of the week. Stirring slowly to the sun shining across the bed and a snoozing pup on my toes. Big stretches leading to the decision to read for half an hour before even thinking about touching my feet to the floor.

Really great sessions with families making important, positive changes in the way that they relate to one another. Last night, an interaction between a parent and child was so tender, it brought tears to my eyes.

My adorable, loving pup, Addie. She is always so happy to see me. Her wagging tail makes my heart so warm. Love her so much.

I am grateful for:

family and friends who love and support me.

a job that I love so, so much. I wake up almost every morning excited for the day. The work that I do keeps me on my toes and encourages positive change. I am constantly learning and growing. How lucky am I?

owning the cutest dog in the entire world. We are kindred spirits, she and I.

being excited about reading again. I got a Kindle for Christmas and I am devouring books like I used to when I was younger.

Random interactions with strangers. Last night, I went into Rite Aid to buy some cleaner so I could mop my floor. As I walked into the store, a man knocked on the window. As I turned to him, he had a huge grin on his face as he waved excitedly to me. I don’t know if he thought I was someone else or if he was that excited to wave to me. Either way, it brought a smile to my face.