Today I am grateful for:

Wrestles with Adder.

Sing-a-longs (sometimes scream-a-longs) and car jams.

Self care. There’s nothing like a mani or pedi to help this gal feel back on track.

Reading other people’s musings. The few blogs that I follow inspire me to keep writing and writing and writing until I have nothing left to say or I am able to work it out.

Watching other people who love each other interact. Especially when two people are flirting, being playful with and enjoying each other. Always brings a smile to my face.

People carrying bouquets of flowers. I’m not a huge fan of purchasing cut flowers (unless it supports something like this: However, imagining what the other person’s face will be like when they receive this gift completely warms my heart.


Cupcakes from my favorite bakery in DelCo. Also, being able to share these cupcakes with my amazing work partner, T.

Mindless activities when I need to think. Things like: Doing the dishes, baking or jogging. And at the end of these activities? A sense of accomplishment. Gotta love that.