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Today I am grateful for:

Making an effort to take classes to learn new things. Within these learning experiences are opportunities to interact with and enjoy new people.

Days off and long weekends.

Being able to take vacations to places I’ve never been.

Phone calls from my parents.

Baking things in a quiet kitchen. The time and effort I put into making these things for myself and others is my ultimate understanding of love.

Silly YouTube videos. Especially ones of Mr. President singing.


Today I am grateful for:

Puppy sitting. Sophie is a ball of energy. She’s curious and hilarious. This brings out a playful side of Addie, as well as highlights how patient she can be.

Naps on my bed while the warm sun shines in.



Brunch with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. I love catching up over bowls of coffee.

Snow on the sidewalks.

Dinner in the crockpot. No effort whatsoever, but creates some of the most delicious food I have ever made! (Thursday night: Chicken Makhani. Tonight: Chicken Parmesan).

Today I am grateful for:

Inspiring colleagues. Listening to their struggles and successes makes me want to do better work as a clinician.

Nice compliments. Today someone told me that they always experience me as exuberantly friendly. So sweet.

My apartment filled with good friends. Watching those I love interact with each other while laughing and joking around, warms my heart always.

My roomie. It is so awesome to live with someone that I like hanging out with and spending time with. He’s such a great guy.

People feeling comfortable to confide in me. Also, people reaching out when times are tough. It isn’t easy to admit that we need other people when feeling like life has hit us hard. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to reach out- those are the moments of interaction that I am truly thankful to be a part of.

Today I am grateful for:

taking pictures. capturing memories of times when I felt like I was living my life wholeheartedly is really important to me.

morning runs with my favorite running buddy.




loud music in my ears watching the sun rise as we run along the Delaware river.




funny faces.

interpretations like, “Stop taking pictures- let’s keep GOING!!!!!”

belly laughs and big, wide grins.



I am grateful for:


Activities that leave me feeling jazzed up and buzzy. Whenever I’m in Salsa class I sport the widest grin and the feeling I get, so carefree and present, lasts for at least a couple of days.

Having faith in the Universe. Even when things don’t turn out like I hoped (or wanted), I still believe that the Universe always has my back and my best interest.

The delicious feeling of soreness in my muscles. Getting back on a training schedule for a race is fantastic for my physical and mental health. No matter how much my body disagrees with me at 7:30 in the morning.

Watching birds fly in a V on my way to work.

Trusting myself. No matter what.

The ability to continually learn and grow.