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Today I am thankful for:

Warm, breezy days.

Picnics in the middle of the day with a good friend.


Feeling connected to the city.

A very large thirst for learning.

Having really good weeks at work. I had so many great sessions this week. Sometimes, my job is tough, but it’s weeks like this that make all the struggles worth it.

Surprises. Good ones. 🙂

More people than I can count on two hands to rely on. I am very lucky.

Having big dreams that are right within my reach.



Today I am thankful for:


A renewed interest in volunteering. Giving my time to others is something I’ve always valued, it can get lost in my struggle to find balance. No longer!

Having everything I need.  Sometimes I become such a consumer, wanting and almost “thirsting” for things that are unnecessary. What is important is that I always have food, clean water, access to a shower, a bed to lay my body to rest at night and an abundance of love. I couldn’t want for anything more than that.

The delicious feeling of soreness in my muscles. I feel stronger and stronger everyday.

That I am able to cross my legs on the couch again. Seems like a silly thing to be thankful for, but it means that all of this self care is paying off.

A quiet mind.

A full and happy heart. ❤



Today I am grateful for:

Fantastic weekends that leave me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week.

Being all caught up on paperwork! Even if it’s only for a few moments it still feels pretty great.

Being able to sit on so many committees and task forces. Having my ideas and insights valued is an awesome feeling. Also, it keeps me entertained to have so many different hats to wear.

Knowing that one of my dreams (animal assisted therapy) is really close to coming true.

Observing silly things like the Zombie Crawl.

Having crushes.

Today I am grateful for:


These beautiful flowering trees. Their fragrance fills the streets with loveliness.




Setting goals for myself and surpassing them. I knocked that 5 mile run out of the park!

Silliness and playfulness. Two things necessary for me. So thankful for people in my life who humor me on a regular basis.

Addie. She is so cute I can’t even handle it. Totally in love with my pup.

Kettlebells. Who knew strength training could be fun?