Today I am grateful for:

An overwhelming outpouring of love and kindness from my friends and family. How lucky I am to feel so loved and cared for, not just on my birthday, but everyday. 

Vacations. I am still feeling refreshed and recharged after my week long stay with my family. 

Having productive conversations with people who have opposing views, and feeling heard by them even though we don’t agree. 

75 degrees, breezy and sunny. 

The ability to be vulnerable with someone who means so much to me. Usually when people are moving on, I feel the need to shut down and distance myself from them. It really is okay to let someone know how much they mean to me and to be upset about losing them to bigger and better things. 

Change and transitions. Not because I like them, but because they cause me to grow, shift and adapt. 

Knowing and trusting that everything happens for a reason.