Today I am grateful for:

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. It sets the tone for my day. This morning was “I’m Into Something Good” by Herman’s Hermits. I’ve been diggin’ The Bird and the Bee’s cover of this song hardcore lately.

The way milk swirls in coffee. It never ceases to delight me.

The sky. Especially dark storm clouds like this one. Watching this roll in was awesomely amazing. And also slightly anxiety provoking. “Crap! Where will I hide from this storm?!”

Learning something new and having a blast while doing it. I highly suggest checking out Aerial Yoga. I felt so safe and peaceful wrapped up in the hammock.

The night sky with all of it’s lovely pinks, purples and blues. I love the contrast of the stop lights in this photo.

My parents coming to visit me. We did lots of fun and active things together. I felt tired and happy at the end of the weekend.

Solar powered breweries! I swear this beer tasted even more delicious. Slightly sun-kissed even? (haha).

Sharing something inspiring and uplifting with someone when they need it most.