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Today I am grateful for:

Writing that inspires me. Dr. Brene Brown knocks my socks off with her research and musings. If you haven’t read anything by her, please check her out.

Transitions. I will be moving over the next week. I’ve been sorting and packing through all of my stuff. It’s been hard and frustrating along with exciting. In the end I will be in a better place.

Slowing down. I rush into so many things. Practicing mindfulness and being in the moment is hard for me. I’m so ready to tackle this difficulty. I’m appreciating the anticipation and excitement and at the same time trying not to build expectations. It is tough work and also really fun work.

Inheriting my father’s love of the repeat button. Listening to the perfect song for the moment over and over (and over) again will always be my favorite way to sort through things.

Taking myself out for meals. I love that over time I’ve grown comfortable doing this.

Feeling cared for and appreciated. I deserve to be loved just as I am.

Sharing secret smiles with other non traditional runners. My smiles always say, “I’m proud of you. You’re amazing. Keep going.” I imagine their smiles say something similarly encouraging and loving.

Exchanging warm glances and friendly smiles with strangers. I look forward to the moments when I feel intimately connected to someone I don’t know at all. It makes the world seem small and full of love and hope.


Today I am grateful for:

My body. Yesterday my strong, able body ran 6.5 miles. Even though I had mistreated it by not sleeping enough or giving it clean food and drinks. Even though I curse at it and blame it for things that aren’t it’s fault. Whenever I require my body to do difficult tasks, it never lets me down. 

Rainy days that cause pensiveness.

Building foundations. 

Feeling appreciated and cared for. 

Driving down back roads on a summer night with good company. 

Ray Lamontagne. Damn, can that boy sing. 

Laughing so hard, tears stream down my face. 

Having everything that I need. 

Savoring the wait. 

Enjoying my own company.