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Today I am grateful for:

Reconnection. I had the honor to sit with a man today while he told me how he was falling back in love with his wife. This couple has grown apart for years and have slowly begun to turn back towards each other. He told me that over the weekend, they were eating lunch together and as he looked in her eyes he felt peace.  What a wonderful conversation to be a part of. How lucky I am to hear about intimate moments like this on a regular basis.

A warm and fuzzy heart. Sometimes, while driving or doing something mundane, I am hit with a fond memory of someone very special and a wide smile creeps across my face as warmth spreads throughout my body.


Being intentional with my thoughts and emotions. I am manifesting a life full of happiness and love. I am creating wealth to have all that I need. The law of attraction is working with me!

Addie. She is such an adorable sweetheart.

Changing leaves and crisp, fall air.

My family. Both biological and chosen. I am blessed to be surrounded by and cared for by so many amazingly wonderful people.

My comfy bed and the ability to sleep soundly most nights.

Loving my job.


Today I am grateful for:

Having the ability and means to go away for the weekend. I am thankful to be at a place in my life where I only need one job and have enough money to take small vacations to rejuvenate and recharge. 

Self care plans. This week I did so many great things for myself. I spent time in nature while reflecting on all of the things that I have in my life. I went to two shows. I connected with friends and family far away. I exercised. The result of all this self care has paid off. I feel so grounded and connected. 

Sitting in discomfort and struggling through uncertainty. Growth is happening all the time! 

Connection with strangers. Today I hosted a get-together for some volunteers I coordinate. We all got together to meet and share ideas about the program we’re involved with. I felt instantly connected to these women. The connection stemmed from having a shared experience. Even though that experience was (and still is) very painful, it brought us all together to accomplish something important. I am excited to learn from and work closely with such amazing people. 

Vulnerability. Trusting someone with my most raw self is so hard to do. I struggle with this everyday. It is a struggle I want to be a part of though. In the end, it will only bring good things. 

Experiencing awkwardness and then turning towards someone rather than away from them. Instead of distance I experienced closeness. Instead of panic I experienced calmness. 

The true meaning of friendship. I found myself in an odd situation over the weekend and was able to call upon two important people. I was able to laugh about the experience with them which helped relieve my anxiety. I am lucky to have people who will answer my phone call in the middle of the night and provide comfort. 

Being smitten. Completely smitten. 🙂 


Today I am grateful for:

Respecting and trusting my gut.

Trusting that the boundaries I have set for myself are what’s best. I’m not sure if y’all know that I am super impulsive. I often make decisions without thinking them through and then find myself in situations wishing I had taken a moment to let the cognitive part of my brain catch up with the “feel-good” part of my brain. Today, I trusted a boundary and even though it was really hard to stick to it, I know that it was a good choice.

So many friends to rely on. I never thought that I could experience unconditional love outside of my relationship with animals. Today, I am so lucky to be able to say that I  have several friends that I can always call, who never judge me no matter what decisions I’m making, and who love me just as I am.

My new apartment. I can always find parking right away. I can do laundry whenever I want AND I can pop microwave popcorn. If that isn’t bliss I don’t know what is.

Sweeping. I don’t know what it is about sweeping, but it is incredibly therapeutic for me. The movement of the bristles against the wood floor, the soothing sound, or the accomplishment at the end of the task. I love it.

Big smiles, stomach flips and a warm heart. All of these things sponsored by a good man.