Today I am grateful for:

Having the ability and means to go away for the weekend. I am thankful to be at a place in my life where I only need one job and have enough money to take small vacations to rejuvenate and recharge. 

Self care plans. This week I did so many great things for myself. I spent time in nature while reflecting on all of the things that I have in my life. I went to two shows. I connected with friends and family far away. I exercised. The result of all this self care has paid off. I feel so grounded and connected. 

Sitting in discomfort and struggling through uncertainty. Growth is happening all the time! 

Connection with strangers. Today I hosted a get-together for some volunteers I coordinate. We all got together to meet and share ideas about the program we’re involved with. I felt instantly connected to these women. The connection stemmed from having a shared experience. Even though that experience was (and still is) very painful, it brought us all together to accomplish something important. I am excited to learn from and work closely with such amazing people. 

Vulnerability. Trusting someone with my most raw self is so hard to do. I struggle with this everyday. It is a struggle I want to be a part of though. In the end, it will only bring good things. 

Experiencing awkwardness and then turning towards someone rather than away from them. Instead of distance I experienced closeness. Instead of panic I experienced calmness. 

The true meaning of friendship. I found myself in an odd situation over the weekend and was able to call upon two important people. I was able to laugh about the experience with them which helped relieve my anxiety. I am lucky to have people who will answer my phone call in the middle of the night and provide comfort. 

Being smitten. Completely smitten. 🙂