Today I am grateful for:

Reconnection. I had the honor to sit with a man today while he told me how he was falling back in love with his wife. This couple has grown apart for years and have slowly begun to turn back towards each other. He told me that over the weekend, they were eating lunch together and as he looked in her eyes he felt peace.  What a wonderful conversation to be a part of. How lucky I am to hear about intimate moments like this on a regular basis.

A warm and fuzzy heart. Sometimes, while driving or doing something mundane, I am hit with a fond memory of someone very special and a wide smile creeps across my face as warmth spreads throughout my body.


Being intentional with my thoughts and emotions. I am manifesting a life full of happiness and love. I am creating wealth to have all that I need. The law of attraction is working with me!

Addie. She is such an adorable sweetheart.

Changing leaves and crisp, fall air.

My family. Both biological and chosen. I am blessed to be surrounded by and cared for by so many amazingly wonderful people.

My comfy bed and the ability to sleep soundly most nights.

Loving my job.