November 10, 2012

Today I am grateful for:

My Memere. She passed away this morning. Even though I’ve been preparing for this for a long time, it doesn’t make the goodbye any easier. I take comfort knowing that she is finally resting in peace.

Dear Mem-

Thank you for teaching me how to be a strong and independent woman, even when surrounded by loud-mouthed and sarcastic men.

Thank you for teaching me how to make a proper cup of chocolate milk. It was always made with WAY too much chocolate syrup, but I loved watching you vigorously stirring the cup until the milk turned almost black. You would watch with delight as I enjoyed the drink that you never could.

Thank you for appreciating all that you had and teaching me not to waste food. Mom and Dad and I still joke that, “if we don’t eat this last serving, we’re just gonna throw it away.”

Thank you for always telling me how pretty I was even during my awkward spectacled and brace faced years.

Thank you for being so nurturing and affectionate. Because of all of your hugs and kisses, I’ve perfected my hug. I’m proud to report that “Angie hugs” are something people request on the regular.

Thank you for raising my father to be a passionate and quick-witted man. He values hard work and giving to others. He is kind, loving and respectful. He has passed those values onto me.

Thank you for marrying and loving my grandfather, who to this day, is still my favorite person. I inherited his sense of humor and warmth which have given me the ability to relate to anyone who crosses my path.

Thank you for valuing my education and encouraging me by maintaining an interest in how I was doing in school.

Thank you for teaching me how to play Chinese checkers and Cribbage. Also, thank you for asking Pep to go easy on me when he wanted to play “cut-throat.”

Most of all, thank you for being such a supportive and loving grandparent. You were always so curious about me and my experience of the world. I love you.