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Today I am grateful for:

The way Addie takes over any spot that I’ve just left. In the middle of the night, it’s the spot on my pillow, during the day it’s my spot on the couch. Even though I can be annoyed about it at times, I love that she wants to be wherever I just was, all curled up in the scent of me.

The way the wind feels, the sky looks and the air smells when it’s about to snow. I am waiting with excited anticipation for this storm!

The post office. I love sending things to people that I love. Small gifts or handwritten cards make my day.

The generosity of people. I bought a necklace from Etsy and the chain broke recently. The woman I bought the necklace from has offered to fix my necklace for free. When was the last time anyone offered to do anything for free? I’m so impressed and will continue to buy things from her and recommend her to friends. Here’s a link to her page:¬†


Today I am grateful for:

The world didn’t end! Hooray! This may sound silly, but I’ve always had an irrational fear about the world ending. When I was in 4th grade, the 6th graders had convinced the whole school that the world would end during lunch time at the end of the week. I remember being anxious about it, and thinking to myself, “what if the world DOES end? I’m only 9, man! There’s so much world I haven’t seen!” Then when it didn’t, I was overcome with relief. It was sort of the same deal with the potential for the world ending this time around. Thanks, Mayans.

What I’d like to focus on is all the things I wanted for myself if these were the end of days. All of mine were centered around love. I wanted to tell everyone how much I loved them and hug them until all the breath was forced out of their lungs. I focused on all the things I was lucky to have in my life.

I’d like to carry on those feelings as we come into the New Year. Complete and total appreciation wrapped up in lots of love.

I love all of you, friends.