One of the things I love to do is take myself out for breakfast. However, it is also one of the activities that make me feel the most vulnerable. Today, I decided to take myself out for a delicious meal and not take anything to use as a distractor. No phone, no book. Just me and my thoughts (and the other patrons). Wow. What a hard thing to do. I felt so raw.

I found over time that my body language was closing me off. Unconsciously, I was crossing my arms and raising my shoulders up to my ears. Thoughtfully and rather frequently, I had to force my body to relax and open my mind and heart. What a mindful experience it was to focus in on the deliciousness of my food and to remind myself to enjoy my own company and not care what anyone else was thinking.

What an eye opening experience for me. Someone who enjoys being alone so much, can still have such a hard time staying open when surrounded by strangers.

Today I am grateful for:
taking risks.
living and loving with my whole heart.
believing that i am enough, i have enough and i am grateful for both.