I’ve been finding out over the past few months that the Universe always has my back. No matter what, I end up where I need to be.

Turns out that a broken heart can heal- even when it seems impossible.

That even though my heart is still tender and cautious, that it can get excited about and have a crush on a new person. That good people show up when I need them the most. Whether that’s a new crush, or an extra friendly barista. There are people everywhere with important messages to deliver. There are lessons to be learned and opportunities to grow from everywhere I turn.

I’ve been feeling so connected to people again. I am so glad to report that it didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to. That maybe, a broken heart helped to open me up in a way that I couldn’t understand possible at the time. That maybe the cracks and bruises, have created a stronger heart, one capable of even more amazing things than it was before.

What I know now is that even though it was awful, and it still hurts sometimes, I can get through incredible pain and sadness and come out on the other side more than okay. I have developed incredible skills to take care of myself. I have created an amazing web of people who love me when I forget to and who say exactly what I need to hear.

I’ve got so much love to give, friends. Feeling really curious and excited about what’s to come.

Today I am grateful for:
having more than enough.
love, love, love. everywhere.