Today I am grateful for:

Organization. I am not the most organized person in the world. With so many different things going on in my life, this can work against me, as you can imagine. I often have seven different to-do lists floating around and always have that panicked feeling that I’m forgetting something. I’m trying out a new centralized system that seems to be working for me. It’s working out so well in fact, that I’d like to tell you that I have been feeling that I’m managing all aspects of my life well lately. It’s a pretty cool feeling. 

Feeling accomplished. I finally got my license in the mail. I get a rush of excitement every time I look at it. I worked hard for that piece of paper. There are lots of doors that can be opened now because of it. 

Springtime. I love falling asleep with the windows open while listening to the wind blow. It is so peaceful. 

Openness, honesty and vulnerability. All things that are difficult to do, especially with someone that I care about. Together they make for pretty amazing conversations though. I am learning and growing through difficult conversations. 

Iced drinks! I’ve been rocking iced tea lately, playing around with fun flavor combos. Yummy! 

A renewed interest in Pinterest (ha!) I’ve got a few projects waiting in the wings.