Today I am grateful for:

My never-ending curiosity. It often leads to asking questions about things that I don’t understand or things that I want to know more about. These questions almost always lead to conversations with strangers. I love these conversations. I love moments where I feel really connected to someone I don’t know at all. When out for a walk this morning I was stopped at an intersection. This man pulls up next to me, BLASTING some soul music. And, man, he was into it. I wish I could paint a picture for you so that you could really understand him. He oozed cool- I could tell that he was totally hip and with it. I fell in love a little as I watched this man fully immersed in the sounds that surrounded him. Listening to it like he was the only one who could hear it. This caused a big grin on my face as I locked eyes with this man. He grinned in response to my grin and nodded at me. I nodded back and grinned wider. He drove off and I crossed the street. I continued to smile the entire way home.

People who inspire me, like Anis Mojgani. He writes incredibly beautiful poetry. And there is something about the way he speaks that completely moves me. I am breathtaken every time I listen to him. Check out “The Walking Hour” at this link —–>

If you dig that, YouTube “This is How She Makes Me Feel.” It’s my favorite.