Because it is! 🙂

Happy thirtieth to myself. I am so ready to take on this new decade. It’s raining today, but I won’t let that get me down. I am a huge fan of thunderstorms so I’m totally diggin’ it. Besides, it’s supposed to be lucky or something, right? Or does that only count for wedding days? 

Each year I like to take the day and reflect back on the year before. Things that I’ve learned and did, people that I met and moments that made me smile. I like to look at the goals I set for myself and see which ones I’ve reached and which ones I’m still working towards. This is a special birthday, because I’m looking back at the last ten years. And, MAN, what a decade. Here’s to the next ten. With a whole lot more wisdom and knowledge. 

Today I am grateful for:
so many friends and family members sharing their love with me. 
taking the day off to do nice things for myself. 
having the feeling like I’ve got a clean slate.