Today I am grateful for:

The open road. I forget quickly how healing it is for me to be in the car for extended periods of time. Thoughts come in and out and I have the time and the space to dwell on all of them. 

Seeing my family and friends in NH. I am lucky to have two places that are filled with people who love and care about me. And want to celebrate big-time birthdays!

Getting to witness so much love between two people. I’m in a wedding this fall and attended the bridal shower over the weekend. The couple are adorable with each other and I love watching them interact. 

Having the means to get in my car and travel. This includes finances and an able body that can sit and drive for eight hours without any issues.

Having faith that I can handle whatever is put in front of me. No matter how unfair, confusing or down right frustrating it may be. Everything happens for a reason. Especially the situations and moments that feel emotionally unbearable. I am going in the right direction.

Humor and laughter shared with others.