Happy Summer, friends!

Today I am grateful for:

FIREFLIES! I spotted my first one last night and I could barely contain myself. It is my goal this summer to get as many decent firefly photos as I can.

So much new music to jam to. I’ve been listening to the Mowgli’s new album “Waiting for the Dawn” almost non-stop. Also, Daft Punk, Paramore, Vampire Weekend and Matt and Kim. All of them meant to be BLASTED and sung at the top of my lungs.

Struggling through the silence. Dealing with things left unsaid. Slowly learning that it’s okay not to know. Sitting in discomfort. Letting things unfold as they will.

Interconnectedness. I’ve met and talked to several of my neighbors over the past couple of days. I spent one evening talking with a man at the corner bar who got me so jazzed to explore some spots I didn’t know about.

The freshness of fruits and vegetables this time of year. Everything is bursting with flavor. I’ve been eating tons of big salads and making lots of smoothies. Like this banana, pineapple and peach one. Yummmm.


Driving down tree covered roads. This one felt like driving through a tunnel of green. So cool.


The moon and the comfort it provides to me.


Sitting around a fire, eating s’mores, talking and laughing with good friends and staring up at the stars. Perfection.