Today I am grateful for:

Weekends that make getting up on Monday mornings really, really hard. I barely slept, drank too much and had the perfect amount of fun. It will be difficult to be a functional person today. I have no regrets, friends.

Mornings with my pup. Addie and I were curled up and snuggling together. The alarm went off and as we looked at each other, and said, “let’s not get up.” I read and she fell back asleep- her adorable, furry head on my tummy. After we took a walk outside, I sipped my coffee slowly while listening to Ray LaMontagne. Addie snored softly on the bed, the sunlight streamed in and brought out the highlights in her fur. Feeling filled with so much love for my girl.

Feeling connected to the city and all of the beautiful people I get to call my friends.

Dancing and singing in bars to 80s pop songs.

Seasonally appropriate weather. Winter is my season. I loooove the cold.

Hats, scarves and mittens.