Today I am grateful for:

Friends who give it to me straight.

I’ve been having a hard time missing someone lately. I’ve been looking at photos, reading old emails and journal entries from when I was happy. It’s a bad cycle that I get into and I then can’t stop myself until I’m feeling really, really low. I shared my new hobby with a good friend, expressing to her that I was slightly embarrassed. She looked me dead in the eye and said, “Does it hurt when you do that?” Surprised, I looked at her, laughed and replied, “of course it hurts!”
“Then don’t do it! Seriously, Ang, you have to stop. This isn’t leading you anywhere good.”

I’ve posted this sticky note on my desk and look at it every time I’m tempted to take a walk down memory lane. I’ve got good friends and tough love to be grateful for today.


I’m also grateful for reminders like this. No matter what, I gotta show up in life. I gotta keep moving. Life continues on whether I’m ready for it or not.