Today I am grateful for:

New shoes! Something about new shoes, man. Puts extra pep in my step.

Playing cards. Especially playing cards with my parents. It was an every morning occurrence when I visited them over the holidays and I loved it.

Coffee dates with one of my favorites, spent talking, giggling and getting down deep into the hard stuff. And then stumbling upon this gem in the bathroom. Perfection.

Simple foods. Pictured here: peanut butter oatmeal with pan fried honeyed bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I made this! Whoa dudes. I am in full support of you stopping whatever it is that you’re doing to go and make this for yourself. It is so, so, so yummy. Also, I love whenever Ryan can join me for breakfast. This mug cracks me up every time.

Reading and thinking and learning and healing. I loved this post: